Analysis Of Mattie From The Book Fever By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Never give up is an Important life lesson. Mattie, from the book Fever, never gave up while she was fighting the yellow fever In the 1700s, Through Mattie and her family, Laurie Halse Anderson teaches kids in her story to never give up. In the end Mattie and her mom never gave up to fight the Fever and find each other. So when things get tough never give up. Mattie and her family struggle through the yellow fever. First Matilda’s mom gets the yellow fever so Mattie has to leave so she doesn't get the yellow fever. Matilda and her grandfather got a ride from a very nice family. They were trying to get a ride to a safe farm but then they came to a town and had to get checked for the fever. Mattie's grandfather had the fever

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