Pinky Movie Analysis

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The movie Pinky took place during the 1940s where black people were mistreated. The movie is about a young light skinned black woman who was from the south and moved up to the North to become a nurse. Back then black people were not allowed to go to school, but Pinky passed as a white girl. When she was in school in the north, she fell in love with a white doctor, Thomas Adams. Thomas knew nothing about Pinky’s background about being a light skinned black woman because he thought she was white. Pinky came back to the south to see her grandmother after school. Her black skinned grandmother was so thrilled to see her grandchild that she tried to convince her to stay in the south with her. Pinky stayed for awhile but it was hard for her to adjust…show more content…
Her grandmother wanted Pinky to take care of their white elderly neighbor Miss Em. Pinky also got offered to teach younger black students who want to become a nurse, but she declined the offer. She took care of Miss Em until she got better. Pinky was never to found of Miss Em because she was a elderly white woman but Miss Em needed Pinky because she had all of knowledge she needed to get better. Pinky decided to listen to her grandmother and stay in the south for a little longer to take care of Miss Em. Since they spent almost everyday together they have become very close. But with every day passing Miss Em kept getting worse and soon she passed away. When Miss Em passed away she gave her house and all of her property to Pinky. However, Miss Em’s relative heard about this and tried to take Miss Em’s house and property that she gave to Pinky who is not related to her. Miss Em’s relative and Pinky go to court. Surprisingly the Judge rules in Pinky’s favor and gets to keep the house and property. Tom, who Pinky fell in love with when she was in the north. Tracked Pinky and came to the south. He wanted her to leave the south and go to back to the north so they could spend their life together. But Pinky knew her life was in south, so she decided to stay and opened her own Clinic and school for
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