Overcoming Obstacles In The Lovely Bones

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It is important for people to overcome the obstacles they are faced with. Obstacles allow us to learn and become successful. In novels a character will often be faced with a problem. Just like a book, everybody has their own story filled with challenges. Recently I have read two novels that deal with sensitive topics and obstacles. Several years ago my grandma had very serious health issues. Each of these examples showcase the fact that it is important for everybody to experience obstacles in their life. In the novel “Cut” the main character, Callie deals with self harm. Callie has a younger brother who suffers from asthma and feels responsible when he has his first asthma attack. To deal with this traumatic event she begins cutting. After the school finds out, she is sent to a treatment facility and must overcome her problems in order to leave. With the help of her counselor, she is coaxed into revealing her true feelings. Sometimes in order to conquer a hindrance, we require help. By learning other coping methods she is able to finally give up her addiction. Self harm can result in death, so by overcoming this obstacle Callie saves her own life. This difficulty is a matter of life or death, much like the obstacle my grandma faced a few years ago. At the age of 58 my grandma collapsed on the floor of a grocery …show more content…

The novel follows a girl in heaven after her death. She must learn to cope with seeing her family from afar as they try to solve her murder. Susie must conquer the fact that she cannot reveal who murdered. Although her family is trying to heal, Susie feels unable to let go of her thirst for revenge. Eventually she is able to hold onto love instead of vengeance. In life we must understand that by breaking someone else, we won't fix ourselves. Her obstacles allowed her to learn that love can vanquish evil. Difficult situations are necessary in life and everyone goes through

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