Pauline Cushman Character Analysis

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“Thousands of our noble soldiers have gladly given up their lives for their country. Should I hesitate to do as much?” This is a direct quote from the famous heroine, Pauline Cushman. She was a courageous Union spy and American actress. Not only was she a mother of three, but she also had a total of three husbands. Pauline wouldn’t let anything stop her, not near death experiences, not a sentence to execution, not anything. Pauline Cushman focused on the task at hand and put aside any of her fears and doubts. Pauline Cushman is a prevalent U.S. figure due to the courageous atmosphere she supplied. Not only is she famous for her achievements, but more importantly for her character traits. Without a doubt, everyone can gain knowledge about courage …show more content…

This could not only be risky, but could also get her killed if they found out that she was a spy. Few people were up for the job and this information may not have been presented to the Union if she hadn’t existed. Without her, the war may have taken longer, or not ended up favorably. She chose to ignore any doubts and push forward. She knew the potential price she may have to pay; she knew the cost, the risk, the danger. Instead of pitying herself, she decided to be courageous and do her duty- to almost any extent. For example, she was once caught by the Confederate army for spying, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Even so, she stayed calm, never gave up, and improvised her way out. She used her previous acting experience to pretend to be sick. The court allowed her to get better first, but after she had “healed”, she acted weak at court. They took pity on her and eventually released her free of charge. Although she showed bravery and courage nearly her whole life, there was one exception. Towards the end of her life, she killed herself. She didn’t feel like fighting for a good life. She made the selfish, cowardly decision to commit suicide. This was during the time when her third husband and her child had passed away. She was also very poor, having spent all her money on fine living. Rheumatism and had been taking over her life, so she was taking morphine for the pain. One day she overdosed herself purposefully. There is always a reason for your life- don’t take it until God takes you

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