Eleanor Roosevelt Hero

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In the past, Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Indeed this is true. With determination, the shy, fearful girl with a tough childhood chose her own path in life and got to where she was known today, as a heroic person who did extraordinary, positive deeds for humanity. A real hero is someone who shows courage, selflessness, willingness, as well as empathy to others by his or her actions. Proving to people that women can handle many difficult tasks, supporting human rights, along with turning the role of first lady into more than just greeting guests at the White House has definitely shown that Eleanor Roosevelt is truly an influential hero in U.S History. One of Eleanor Roosevelt’s heroic actions was that she proved to society that women can handle many responsibilities. Before her position as first lady, she was involved with …show more content…

At first, she didn’t want to be first lady, since she feared losing her jobs that she was passionate about. Soon, she willingly decided to be first lady just to help her husband’s passion. This action on her part was very brave and selfless to do. Additionally, instead of doing what past first ladies did, she became very involved in politics and wasn’t afraid to use her voice. She would write books, give public speeches, speak in interviews, and so on. Lastly, she helped the president’s administration. She would give advice to President FDR and went to many places to see what needed to be improved. An example, is that she improved the working environment in factories for women and children, who work tirelessly there. Eleanor Roosevelt upgraded the job of first lady into one that was meaningful and active in the presidential duty in this important political position. Other first ladies would observe Eleanor Roosevelt as an important role

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