Eleanor Roosevelt First Ladies Analysis

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The role of the First Lady is not defined in the Constitution, nor has its nature ever been consistent. Therefore there is no defined framework according to which the impact of the First Ladies can be evaluated. While many of the First Ladies either went unnoticed by the U.S. public, or carried out only fundamental duties, some of them left a significant mark on history. Among the most effective first ladies stands Eleanor Roosevelt. Through developing her own social and political causes, Eleanor Roosevelt raised the profile of the presidential spouse and effectively exceeded all other First Ladies in creating a proud legacy of her own.
Before being able to measure the greatness and success of a First Lady, it is first necessary to evaluate all that the position entails. Being a First Lady goes far beyond merely carrying the title, “wife of the president of the United States.” There
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While serving as First Lady, Roosevelt spent most of her time developing her own social and political causes, ultimately expanding her duties. Dr. Katherine Jellison has studied extensively on the topic of first ladies, and serves as chair of the history department at Ohio University. According to Jellison, Eleanor Roosevelt "is the first first lady to have press conferences, she is the first first lady to have a significant number of staff working for her- she is the one who made the role of first lady as high profile as it is today." In effect, Roosevelt completely changed the basis for which the presidential spouse should be to. The public now measures the success and impact of first ladies according to their independent accomplishments, public opinion, and their progress and stance in political movements - all categories in which Eleanor Roosevelt surpasses all other first
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