Anne Hutchinson Impact On Women In History

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In history, people most often associate important figures with men. However, what most do not realize is that women have had a major impact on the history of America. If it had not been for some of the women in history, America would not be the amazing nation it has grown to be. What is hidden behind the mysterious curtains of history is the amazing women who have shaped it. One of these amazing women went by the name of Anne Marbury Hutchinson.
Anne Marbury was born in Alford, England in 1591. She was the daughter of Francis Marbury and Bridget Dryden. Francis Marbury, Anne’s father, was a deacon at Christ Church, Cambridge. Francis complained of the poor training of clergymen which caused him to be imprisoned and silenced many times in his
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After her family moved to London, Anne was the oldest daughter at home. Her older sisters had all grown up and got married as soon as they reached their twenties. Anne had an important role in helping raise her younger siblings, she was also called to help cook and clean. As she grew older, her responsibilities grew. When Anne reached puberty, she assisted her mother in delivering three of her siblings. These experiences during her childhood, helping her mother, helped contribute to the talents she used to become an excellent midwife and nurse. While spending so much time with infants, Anne began to start developing rebellious ideas against the theory that all infants were born in Original Sin. Original Sin is the idea that in result of the first man, Adam, who sinned in the Garden of Eden, every human who is born is automatically born in sin. This idea expressed that no matter how old an infant is, it was still a sinner and was bathed in…show more content…
William Hutchinson was a successful merchant with whom Anne had fifteen children. As Anne held her own children, she more so refused to believe in the idea that every infant is born in Original Sin. When Anne and William were children, they were practically neighbors who had seen each other on a daily basis growing up. Anne and William’s marriage was a rare one where they both respected each other and actually took time to discuss things and talk to each other. After they got married, they moved back to Alford where they purchased a house and furnished it to be what was referred to as fabulous. Although women’s rights were evolving, Anne was still expected to perform the duties of an ideal housewife. Between the years of 1611 and 1612, the concept of women preachers came about. Anne felt very inspired by these women and this spirit had a part in influencing her to be the women she turned out to be.
The Hutchinsons were highly influenced by the Puritan beliefs and they became followers of the Puritans, they attended the services of John Cotton in Lincolnshire. Cotton was threatened with imprisonment for his views which led him to go into hiding. He fled England and ended up in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633. Anne felt led to follow Cotton, so she influenced her husband to move to the New World. They arrived in 1634 amongst the 200 passengers aboard the
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