Anne Hutchinson's Remain In The Puritan Colony

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Anne Hutchinson was too dangerous to remain in the Puritan colony because she opposed a threat to the mission. Straying from the typical role of women, holding house meetings, and claiming to have a spiritual experience are factors that led to Anne becoming a threat. During this time, women did not have the right to authoritative positions and their expectations were to be a good housewife and abide by the rules of the colony. Anne did not obey by this expectation, instead she was accused of violating the fifth amendment by making disrespectful claims of those above her which puts a threat to the colonies “Godly community”. Anne accused the ministers of preaching only The Covenant of Works, which is an accusation that assaulted the heart of the Puritan Beliefs, that faith mattered most. Accusing the Puritan minsters of teaching only a covenant of works is equivalent to accusing them of being no better than the Church of England, which was what caused the movement to begin in the first place because they wanted to save the church of …show more content…

By God coming directly to her, it would affect more than just a woman having a conversion experience, it would also give her rights that she usually does not have such as voting (only people who faced the conversion can vote). Therefore, the leaders of the colony knew that they had to get Anne out before it was too late. The deputy governor asked Anne how she knew that God wanted her to act upon her actions and she responded by saying, “So to me by an immediate revelation… By the voice of his spirit to my soul.” This is where the spiral downfall of the colony would begin if Anne was to remain in the colony, others would begin to believe Anne and duplicate her actions causing the people to disobey what was expected and the mission to be

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