How Did Eleanor Roosevelt's Impact On American Society

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This source report will be focusing on Eleanor Roosevelt and her impact on women’s roles in the United States. The historical period of this source will be the late 1800s to early 1900s, during this time is when Eleanor would make the most of her position within the White House to reach out and make a change. The bigger picture of this essay by Fran Burke is to show how much Eleanor Roosevelt impacted American society, through her input in politics to the humanitarian work that she did. Fran Burke wrote this article in 1984, from Suffolk University. Burke’s purpose in this article is to shine a light on Roosevelt’s achievements in life and to make sure that all the impact that she had on American society in known. Burke does this by telling the story of Roosevelt’s life, and how key occurrences in her life made her the woman that we know today. Burke recounts Roosevelt’s story all the way to before Roosevelt was married to her cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. Burke notes that many esteemed colleagues of her husband would go on to pay her high praise. One such compliment was paid by France Perkins, who Burk quotes as saying “…impressed by Eleanor’s …show more content…

Burke argues that Roosevelt gave the White House a conscious due to the fact that empathized with the American people facing hardships during the Great Depression. Burke also mentions how during Roosevelt’s tenure as first-lady she put an estimated 4000 women into fourth-class post office positions (Burke 368). Finally, Burke talks about Roosevelt’s legacy, which was her key argument in this article, in which she talks about how much change and impact Roosevelt had on American society as a whole. Some of the key questions that this article addresses are; what impact did Eleanor Roosevelt have on society today, how much did she change the role of the first lady, and how did she impact women during her

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