She's Role In The Odyssey

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Haley Lindsey is twenty one years old and the youngest in a family of seven. Due to the age difference between herself and her siblings, she was never extremely good friends with her brothers and sisters, but she still loved spending time with her family growing up. They played a major role in helping her become the person she is today. Haley has the most contagious laugh and can always be seen smiling. People are drawn to her fun-loving, crazy, and positive personality. Those who know her will testify she has a heart of gold, and a way of always making people feel loved. From the outside it may seem like Haley had a perfect childhood where she always felt secure in her family; many believe that is how she became such a happy, caring person. …show more content…

At about eleven years old, Haley started noticing that something was causing distress within her family. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but she’d she’d often catch her parents crying and wonder what the problem was. It wasn’t long after when Haley discovered that her both her older brother and sister were battling with two completely different addictions. Her oldest brother got caught up abusing drugs and was in and out of jail for many of Haley’s teenage years. On top of that, her sister spirawled into a severe eating disorder which she still battles with today. One can only imagine the changes these trails inflicted upon Haley’s family.
As an eleven year old girl it must have been so hard to understand why things like this were happening to her. The addictions her siblings had created a rift in her relationships with them. “It was hard because, with their addictions, they put up a wall, so I never really got to know them. I just knew them as having an addiction. I didn’t know them as people, and they never got to know me as a person; they just knew me as a sister.”
Being so young, Haley’s understanding of her sibling’s addictions was much

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