Tweak Growing Up On Methamphetamines By Nic Sheff

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Tweak: Growing up on methamphetamines is a novel regarding the reasoning behind why a young boy by the name Nic Sheff, who seems to have a bright future, but falls into drug usage. In the story, we will explore Nic passage through treatment, relapse and trying to get clean for one final time. As well as why Nic's troubled childhood, failed relationship among his family member and past lovers led him to falling deeper and deeper to drugs. This novel allows the reader to glance at certain situations that could lead to drug use and relapses.

Throughout the story you see a constant battle between Nic’s inner self, due to his insecurities. Some of his insecurities were within his own identity. He saw himself as an outcast, someone who was different from everyone else, which is why he turned to drugs; to not feel. To him the drugs were a way to forget those feelings. He says, "It was like, I don't know, like everything else faded out."(Nic Sheff pg.5) (speak about his insecurities fading away when he was high. This caused him to not worry about them)

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It all starts, as a simple experiment until once the feeling of self-content start to take over and fuel his addiction. He mentions, that “All my dreams, my hopes, ambitions, relationships- they all fell away as I took more and more crystal up my nose. I dropped out of college twice, my parents kicked me out, and basically, my life unraveled. I broke into their house- I would steal checks from my father and write them out to myself to pay for my habit. When I had a job at a coffee shop, I stole hundreds of dollars from the register.” (Sheff, 5) This shows that Nic had surrendered to his his addiction. Yet, he still consumed drugs to the point that he would let guys have sex with him just so that he can get high. He didn’t care what he did as long as he got high, which is why I believe that using was not a choice, but more of a need for

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