The Other Wes Moore Theme

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The Addiction That Differentiated Both Wes Moores When we reflect on our life, we create a metaphorical puzzle. These puzzle pieces represent all of the small decisions we made. Inside of those decisions, also consists of other people and how they influenced our upbringings. When this puzzle is put together, all of these decisions create one big picture. Specifically, Wes Moore’s “puzzle” is more unfinished than most people 's, these pieces may not fit very well with other pieces, and they may never will. We may never know why Wes made some of the decisions he did, but there is one large section of the puzzle that is mostly together–this would be Wes Moore’s influence from drug abuse. The idea of drug abuse is frowned upon by other people. …show more content…

One of these would include Wes’s short relationship with Cheryl. The only thing keeping them together were the circumstances that were set. Even though we don’t know much about Cheryl as a person, she was of the many who dealt with serious drug problems. She was so desperate to ‘score’ to the point that she started stealing from Wes. Around the midpoint of the book, we start to see Wes getting better with staying away from the culture of the streets; On page 110 Wes starts to reevaluate himself, “The sight of her coming of her high...disgusted Wes. He saw this every day. The people who would line up around the corner for drugs...He knew these people because he was the one who got them what they needed. It was his job. And it pained him to realize that the mother of his children was just like them.” Wes realized that his job wasn’t a real ‘job’, it was a source to feed addictions like Cheryl’s. In an attempt to revise his life, he entered the Job Corps program, sadly, it didn’t last very long. He wasn’t making much money from the low paid jobs that he was offered through the program, he needed to take care of his children with both financial and parental support, with all of these situations happening one after the other, he was feeling very overwhelmed. Although Wes knew he didn’t want to stray back to his old habits, it took the best of him, the one thing that Wes took away from his childhood was the easiest way to make money, and that consisted of one thing; the drug business, the chapter ends with him preparing a bag of cocaine with tears welling in his eyes, with disappointment for

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