Fever 1793 Quotes

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Fever 1793

This book is about a girl named Mattie Cook, who lives above a coffee shop in Philadelphia. It was all okay until the Fever broke out. Disease spread everywhere, and then everything changed. Her mother gets the disease first, but fortunately lives through it but sadly her grandfather doesn’t. Mattie loses a lot of close ones, like her friend Polly. She has a friend names Nathaniel Benson who fancys her and she feels the same way, but he is off with the Peale family who is a painter, he works for them as in assistant. He doesn 't catch anything because he away and safe. In the book there are actual quotes and letters from actual people from that time on each chapter.The setting was in 1793. Here 's a quote from chapter three; “Oh then the hands of the pitiful mother …show more content…

And in most cases you would most likely die because the doctors weren’t as advanced as they are nowadays, they didn’t know how to treat it. What they did was cut you open, letting leeches suck the blood off of you. Even now we don’t have a cure, but we have treatments that may help. But in rare cases you would live, like Mattie 's mother did. By the end of the book everyone was okay, they started a new coffee shop, and re started with there lives. Trying to forget the horrible past of what had went down in 1793. Mattie used to be lazy, and careless, but now she 's brave and responsible. She was all alone after her grandfather died, she went through someone trying to rob their home, she had to take care of a child, a little girl, seeing her loved ones die, and her life how she knew it and was used to vanish right before her eyes, see dead people on the streets, not very kept up graves in which they piled bodies in a huge hole and buried them. Her grandfather was one of them. There are no cases in America as of right now, and there is no cure for it either. But we have doctors and technology that is advanced that we can live through it, Mattie and the people of her time did

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