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Proverbs 24:6 says; “for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory and safety” (Holy Bible, New Living Translation). In the novel Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, the story of Louis Zamperini is told from his troubled childhood, his record breaking running days, and to becoming a WWII hero, and living to tell his story. Louie ends his running career when the second world war started between the Americans and the Japanese. Louie faces many hardships through his time in the military, and after the war. Through Louis Zamperini’s suffering while striving to survive while being stranded at sea, becoming a Prisoner Of War in Japan, and his post war trauma, leads him to God, and finding his faith. Louie …show more content…

Louie along with two other men survived the crash. The three men were stranded for forty-seven days. “Two weeks had passed. The men’s skin was burned, swollen, and cracked.. Their bodies were digesting themselves” (Hillenbrand 155); this quote expresses that the men are suffering with no food or water, their bodies are growing smaller by the day. As time passed, one of the men passed away and was thrown overboard. After forty-seven days of suffering, Louie along with his raft mate, were captured by the Japanese. The two were sent to a Prisoner Of War camp. Louie says; “All I see, he thought, is a dead body breathing. Louie dissolved into hard, racking weeping. He muffled his sobs so the guards wouldn’t hear him” (Hillenbrand 182). This was just the beginning of Louie’s suffering as a POW. After time, Louie along with other POWs were transferred to another camp. Louie become a target to a man referred to as the Bird. Time after time, he was given deadly tasks, and beaten. The book says; “Any resistance from Louie, even shielding his face, would inspire the Bird to more violence. Louie could do nothing but stand there, staggering, as the Bird

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