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The coming of age novel, Jasper Jones was first published in 2009 by Craig Silvey, the play was then adapted by both; Craig Silvey and Kate Mulvany. It was first presented by Barking Gecko Theatre Company in Perth, Western Australia, on 17 July 2014. The plot of the play is centred on protagonist Charlie Bucktin, and various obstacles he must overcome as a consequence of aiding Jasper Jones in the concealment of Laura Wishart’s body, Bucktin’s former girlfriend. Jasper Jones is perceived as a trouble maker; perhaps a major contribution to his reputation is also the colour of his skin. The story takes place in the small mining town of Corrigan, in the midst of the Vietnam War, where prejudice towards those of colour created segregation between those within the community. The history of Aboriginal alienation was an important context that assisted Silvey in the making of his novel, and furthermore establishing a successful play. The year 2009 was an influential year for Aboriginal’s rights. After twenty years of negotiation, the United Nations …show more content…

When Silvey found himself unable to follow his promising career of interpretive dance due to a knee injury, he turned to his former passion; writing. Silvey always had a desire for southern gothic fiction; chiefly focuses on damaged, delusional characters. His inspiration being regional American writers such as Twain, Lee and Capote. Silvey knew he wanted to demonstrate and explore his capabilities within Jasper Jones. The ‘sloughing of innocence’ was a key input; “that moment where the bubble is burst and you're suddenly exposed to the real truth of things and the blind trust of childhood dissolves”- (Craig Silvey, 2016) Other than the fact the book, Jasper Jones, fit within Silvey’s inspiration of the southern gothic angle, was that the mid-sixties was a time where Australia truly

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