Language Techniques In Jasper Jones

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Jasper Jones Essay Jasper Jones, the iconic Australian novel, explores the main theme of morality and ethics, through a range of language techniques and conventions. As the story progresses, Silvey portrays Charlie’s constantly challenged notions of right and wrong, with the use of language techniques. The story is mainly written using first-person narrative perspective through the eyes of Charlie. Silvey exploits language conventions such as capitalization, spacing, dialogue, descriptive language, and imagery to create Charlie’s point of view and construct his thoughts on morality and ethics. Morality and ethics is a constant theme in the novel and is explored through a range of different language conventions and techniques. “Laura Wishart is dead.” (Silvey, P.230) This repeated phrase represents the human nature of sin and guilt. After dumping Laura’s body into the dam, Charlie constantly reminds himself that “Laura Wishart is dead.” Repetition of the phrase is shown after every major decision made by Charlie, linking his actions to the death of Laura Wishart. Charlie repeats this to himself because he thinks hiding Laura’s body was wrong and wishes to fix his mistakes. This shows that each decision Charlie makes is to hide Laura’s body, and Charlie is filled with guilt. “Laura Wishart is dead and I touched her warm body and she’s cursed me with dread and sorrow.” (Silvey, P.83) Dialogue is also another crucial technique used by Silvey to explore Charlie’s ethics and

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