Jasper Jones In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jasper Jones Essay Throughout the novel, Charlie must question his conventional notions of right and wrong. How are language techniques used to demonstrate the theme of morality and ethics? Jasper Jones, the iconic Australian novel, explores the main theme of morality and ethics, through a range of language techniques and conventions. As the story progresses, Silvey constantly challenges Charlie’s notions of right and wrong, with the use of narrative, language conventions and techniques, and unique writing styles. The story is mainly written using a first-person view seen through the eyes of Charlie, who is also the narrator. Silvey exploits language conventions such as diction, dialogue, descriptive language, and imagery to create Charlie’s …show more content…

(Silvey, P23 – Like Atticus Finch: dignified and reasonable and wise.) Because both books share the same themes of morality, ethics, and scapegoating, Silvey referenced To Kill a Mockingbird quite early in Jasper Jones to foreshadow the exploration of the shared themes. For readers that have read To Kill a Mockingbird might see the intended foreshadowing. In the novel, Jasper is the scapegoat. He is blamed for every disastrous event in Corrigan, even by the police without evidence. The residents of Corrigan accepts scapegoating as a normal way of living and this also shows how corrupt the justice system is at Corrigan. And this makes Charlie constantly question his notions of right and wrong after being deceived by everyone. (Silvey, P211 – I remember thinking that if I hadn’t seen the cuts and bruises on Jasper’s face for myself, I wouldn’t have thought for a second that this burly paternal copper was capable of locking up an innocent boy without charge and beating him.) However, straight after Jasper finds Laura’s body, he scapegoats Mad Jack Lionel as responsible, even though, he knew that Laura’s father was capable of committing the crime. The cycle of scapegoating and prejudice implemented by Silvey allows the reader to reconsider their views on every character’s morality in the novel including the heroes of the story - Jasper and Charlie. Silvey uses moral duality to

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