Jasper Jones Character Analysis

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Introduction Good morning distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to the 24th annual Queensland Literary Symposium I’d like to highlight another prominent book that has captured readers with its engaging and thrilling storyline alone with significant aspects of human society and culture The story I specifically refer to is none other but the novel Jasper Jones Written by the Australian author Craig Silvery, Jasper Jones was set in the scorching summer of Western Australia in 1965. One-night Jasper, the town’s mixed-race outcast shows Charlie Bucktin a dead body. Told from the perspective of Charlie both he and Jasper embark on a riveting mission to solve the murder of Laura Wishart. Silvery’s story demonstrates many social and cultural representations However, the most critical that is evidently displayed throughout the novel is the concepts of prejudice and racism. Body Paragraph 1 (Prejudice) In the small and isolated town of Corrigan, the people have prejudiced ideas and values. Since the novel is set in 1965, when Indigenous Australians were still treated inferior to Europeans, the prejudiced ideals are not surprising. The character Jasper Jones experiences continuous prejudice due to his race from the town 's people. Jasper is a half aboriginal who is the outcast and scapegoat of the town. “Jasper Jones has a terrible reputation in Corrigan. He’s a Thief, a Liar, a Thug, a Truant. He’s lazy and unreliable. He’s feral and an orphan, or as good as.

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