Language Techniques In Jasper Jones Essay

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In the novel Jasper Jones the protagonist Charlie is faced with racial aggravation towards his friend Jeffery and his family. As the story progresses, even though they seem small at the time, these racial stereotypes have cruel and unfounded aggravation. Silvey uses a range of language techniques to emphasise how unjustified the racial aggravation is. Jeffery is considered a racial outsider by the villagers and this is evident by the way they treat him. Jeffrey is constantly treated by the towns people on his skin colour rather than his amazing sporting skills. This is evident when Jeffrey tries to join in with the cricket team, they purposely tease him about his skin colour and shirtfront him when he tries to join in. Silvey uses different language techniques to allow the reader to feel empathy for Jeffrey through Charlie. "It 's like watching a puppy crossing a busy street." Pg 78 Silvey, C. (2011). Jasper Jones. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Silvey uses this simile to emphasise how small and vulnerable Jeffery is, purposely comparing it to a dog crossing the road because they are experiencing the same motions even though they are doing totally …show more content…

This seems the case when Jeffrey 's father An Lu gets his garden destroyed and himself assaulted. Craig Silvey uses short sentences to create suspense and makes the scene more dramatic. "Then he 's out our front door, running at them. I am so scared, but I follow him out. I 'm running too." Pg 266 Silvey, C. (2011). Jasper Jones. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Silvey effectively uses short sentences to emphasise suspense to alert the reader that there is going to be uncertainty ahead and anything can happen further increasing the

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