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“More weight,” stated by Giles Corey from, “The Crucible,” before he was pressed to death for witchcraft. Giles Corey was one of the oldest people to be killed during the Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Trials was a series of events that took place in 1692, where innocent people were hung for apparently being witches. The people in the trials were tried in court and the girls who accused them would act like the person or people were sending spirits towards them to make the judges believe them. Giles Corey reminds me of myself by his sarcasm during conversations, always acting ornery, and the comical remarks he makes. Giles Corey and I both use sarcasm in a regular basis. Giles Corey said, “Aye and well instructed in arithmetics,” when Proctor was adding the amount of firewood for Reverend Parris. Giles Corey never had a serious conversation, he always used sarcasm when talking to anyone. His sarcasm shows even in his wife when she goes to the court for being accused of casting spirits over the Walcott’s pigs. She was talking about how could she send spirits, even though she is not a witch, that she only knew they would die because she took care …show more content…

Giles Corey acts very ornery when Betty and the girls are found in the woods. He asks everyone, “When is she going to fly? I heard she flies,” to stir up conflict within the town. He also acts this way when Reverend Hale comes, even when he knows his wife reading books did not affect him he told Reverend Hale that he could not pray because his wife was reading books. When with friends I purposely try to make friends angered by pestering them until they get annoyed with me or mad at me. One time when Christian and Alex were fighting about girls I threw in a couple one liners to stir up a little more conflict. Also I would make comments towards each person about the other person to make it

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