Giles Corey Character Analysis

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Characters can be illustrated from many of their physical and emotional attributes. From tall to short, too smart and dumb, there is an endless amount that you can say or tell about a character. Giles Corey, a character in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller undertakes an action he later regrets. Since he is comedic, a fool, and a stubborn aged man, Giles will face the consequence for what he will later speak about his wife. Giles Corey has been a silly man who has been playing a comedic role throughout the play. He demonstrates this by being the comic relief of the story when suspense starts to build. For instance, in the text, it states, “I have not said a word. No one here can testify I’ve said a word. Is she going to fly again? I hear she flies”(Arthur Miller 24). This shows that Giles was trying to lighten the mood while at the same time acting a little ridiculous. Giles interrupts Parris and says “Aye, and well instructed in arithmetic”(Miller 28). Therefore he tried to keep the mood from intensifying between the characters and does so by agreeing with Mr. Parris. In addition, Giles also possesses the trait of being a fool. Giles is a fool because he created drama for himself when he told others about his wife reading strange books. For instance, in the text, he states, “It discomfits me! Last…show more content…
He argues for what he believes is right even if it might not seem ethical. “I never said my wife were a witch, Mr. Hale; I only said she were reading books!”(Miller 68), after Giles sees his wife get arrested. This shows he is being stubborn and is fighting for what he believes even if it may seem that it is not the proper way to handle the situation. Another reason Giles is stubborn is because in the text it states, “I have evidence. Why will you not hear my evidence?”(Miller 78). Giles interrupts the court just to prove how innocent his wife was and did it without any
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