Joshua Dobbs Character Analysis

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I feel as though my countless hours of binge-watching science fiction TV shows has finally paid off. I am now in the position to create a team instead of cringe at the groups that do not act as a team and are unsuccessful in the mission. I now have the power to ensure that the three people have the ability to make smart, moral decisions. With that being said, I would take my father, my aunt, and the UT Chancellor’s Honors Program’s own, Joshua Dobbs. I believe each of the people I have chosen have what it takes to face new challenges, and even new planets. My father has proven that he has the aptitude to escape his comfort zone. He was born the youngest of eight children. Since his mother stayed at home to take care of the children, his father, who worked a blue collar job, was the only provider of income. My father was not the most fortunate in any way and had limited opportunities regarding his future. Despite his circumstances, he escaped his financial background and found success through hard work, leadership, and a keen problem solving ability. My dad now is a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, but is also a very experienced carpenter and handyman. My father would be vital to the group due to his natural problem solving ability along with carpentry skills. My …show more content…

Like the other members of the group, he knows how to overcome challenges. For example, Josh has balanced the demanding responsibilities of being a starting quarterback for an SEC team, taking rigorous engineering courses, and being a member of the Chancellor’s Honors Program. If he can lead the Volunteers to victory, he can surely manage the task of colonizing a new planet. His proven discipline and leadership will serve to be an important asset to the group. Also, after colonizing the planet we will need a media to deliver our discoveries back to earth. Josh will be responsible for all aeronautical

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