Jasper Jones Film Analysis

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The novel ‘Jasper Jones’ written by Craig Silvey and the film ‘Dressmaker’ directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse have connected to the audience and use of narratives conventions in very similar ways. The ways that they have succeed doing this is through characteristics, plot and setting. By looking into how they are used by the author/ director widen the knowledge and have deeper in-depth understanding on how authors and directors use them to connect with the audience. The author and director have used characteristics to connect with the audience by using relatable situations like peer pressure, disliked by people, challenges and traumatic experiences. The characters are very relatable in most scenes like Charlie (novel), plays the game where he must steal 5 or more apricot seeds from Mad Jack’s yard to avoid getting bullied for the year. A scene that similar in a way is from The “Dress Maker”, Teddy and his friends pushing and …show more content…

Molly, suffered serious trauma after Tilly was removed from her care and taken away, when Tilly returned, Molly could not remember her daughter, or didn’t want to. That part of her life affected her personality in a way to make her cold and distant until she starts remembering what happened, another great part that the audiences can use to connect with the characters. In “Jasper Jones” the traumatic experience was Jasper finding out that Mad Jack Lionel was his grandfather and that left him wondering and full of questions. Overall the producers of these texts have design all the characters in a way that everyone had a problem or a flaw. One of the main plots in both texts is revenge because Tilly Dunnage wants revenge on the townspeople for sending her away for something she didn’t do and jasper Jones wanted revenge for whoever killed

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