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Introduction When I was asked to do a movie review of the film entitled Antwone Fisher I was hesitant as to what to write. However, as I watched the movie there was a flood of emotions and thoughts that entered my mind. Antwone Fisher the movie was based on a true story of a man, who ended up writing a screenplay about his experience. The movie was based on Antwone Fisher’s life who is an African-American in the United States Navy that was stationed in California. The film was released in 2002; it was directed and produced by Denzel Washington who played the Psychologist in the film along with two other producers Randa Haines and Todd Black. The movie began with a young man that was dreaming that he was being recognized and accepted by a large group of …show more content…

The first sessions involved the Antwone Fisher unwillingness to speak, therefore, the psychologist administered tough love by allowing him to sit in the sessions in silence. Then towards the end of the fifth session, the silence was broken when the client asked the psychologist “what do you want me to say” in which the therapist told him “It’s not what I want you to say, it’s what you want to tell me.” The psychologist was stopped in his tracks when he realized that he himself was struggling to face his own inabilities. Further, during the sessions, Antwone was able to share with the psychologist, information about his birth father who was killed by a former girlfriend before he was born. Then his mother became a widow and gave birth to him while in prison and he ended up living in an orphanage because his mother did not come for him. Eventually, he was taken in by a family where he was physically and emotionally abused, molested and abandoned. However, Antwone decided to join the Navy after his closest friend from childhood had died and he once again felt

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