The Hitchhiker Movie Analysis

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“The Hitchhiker” Compare and Contrast Essay For many radio plays there is a movie, and for all those movies there is some similarities and differences. For instance in the radio play “The Hitchhiker” there is many differences and similarities to the movie. In the beginning the first difference you will realize is that the main character in the radio play was a male, Ronald Adams, and in the movie it is a female,Nan Adams. This is a great deal because in the movie Nan doesn’t look so crazy like Ronald did.Another difference a person would notice is that hitchhiker has fresh rain on his shoulders while in the movie he does not. This is considerable because the rain on his shoulders made Ronald go crazy because it was super hot outside. The last difference is that in the story Ronald was on route 66 but on the other hand the female role in the movie,Nan Adams, was on a turnpike. This is important because most of the stops in the story are on route 66. …show more content…

This is very relevant because if they didn’t die there wouldn’t be a story. Another similarity is that there is a hitchhiker that keeps stalking them. This is significant because it makes them go crazy. The last similarity is that the hitchhiker is a man which makes them feel more uncomfortable and threatening. In conclusion there is a lot of differences and similarities and differences in the radio play and

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