The Hitchhiker Analysis

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The amazing adventures of “The Hitchhiker”
You won't believe what happens in Lucille Fletcher’s “The Hitchhiker,” Ronald Adams is running away from his problems but he keeps making them worse by chasing after them. This means that the more he runs away the angrier this man gets. Another theme that I found was that death is coming to claim what is rightfully his. This means that this mysterious man is trying to take something thing back that was once his. Fletcher uses craft techniques to develop the theme. The author tells what is happening in the story by putting in dialogue in her writing to make it more interesting. When the author uses dialogue for Adams, it just makes more conflict with the main character.
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Adams called his mom to tell her about how he keeps seeing this mysterious man along the streets. Mrs. Whitney says that Ronald Adams is dead from a car crash. This scene is significant because Adams is already dead but he thinks that he’s alive and he’s chasing death. The author’s craft is thought shots because she's making Adams go mad by putting in “ I got closer, and closer, and closer.” (Fletcher 6 and 7) and then it stops and leaves the reader with suspense.
At this point in the text, some people might interpret this to mean the hitchhiker could be a ghost and that the story takes place in real life. However, many people have thought that Adams was in limbo which means you're between Heaven and Hell and everything seems to go wrong meaning like if try doing something it always ends being bad. I think that the Hitchhiker in the grim reaper and he's trying to haunt Adams for something that he had done.
The last piece of evidence is that Lucille Fletcher uses the theme to make her story “The Hitchhiker” a more interesting to read. The author likes to use different pieces of author’s craft to make us readers think and wonder more about what she wrote. After all, Ronald Adams did run away from his problem and yes he did make them worse by following this

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