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Lion, directed by Garth Davis, is a compelling interpretation of a remarkable true story of Saroo Brierley, lost as a child and reunited with his family 25 years later. Throughout Davis explores the unique circumstances under which Saroo is separated and reconnected with his family and his journey along the way. At some points of the film, I was confronted by how Saroo, a five-year-old boy, expertely navigates, with great instinct and genuine innocence, through an extended, yet life threatening ride. To put it in other words, Lion is a journey that grabs you entirely; whether you want it or not, and you are involved in each and every scene. I instantly fell in love with the connection and relationship between Saroo and his older brother …show more content…

The brother which he longed to see his whole life. That brother that he lost connection with that night at the train station. Finding out about guddu’s death was a pivotal moment in the film for me. It made me feel immense heartbreak due to the fact that I have experienced a very similar situation. I was able to draw parallels with this aspect of the film because I know the hardships that come along with losing a sibling. When I was nine years old (2010), death touched my family through my older sister, Margot Kate Jackson Fowler, known by many as Katie Fowler. This affected me in tremendous ways which will stay with me for life. Whenever I see or hear of death regarding family members, I draw instant connections to the death of my sister. When guddu and Saroo were separated that night, not knowing that it would be their last moment together; they didn’t say goodbye. I can relate to this on a personal level as I never got to say goodbye to my sister. I always remember thinking that, there will be a tomorrow, that I will see my sister the next day; and one day I didn’t; and for me this was such a pivotal moment in my

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