Quotes From The Jade Peony

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Traditions and heritage are important to be kept. As an immigrated family, culture seems to fade while trying to fit in. Also, when the death of a loved one occurs, it is important for families to help each other cope with grief.

“When Grandmama died at 83, our whole household held its breath. She had promised us a sign of her leaving, final proof that her present life had ended well.” (p.203)
This quote connects to the theme of the book because it is explaining what it felt like after Grandmama passed away. It also describes how the family reacted. These themes of death, love, and family are present in this quote. After Grandmama’s death the family knew they would need to be there to love each other, but they felt themselves growing further apart, distanced between this now empty space in their hearts that held Grandmama. …show more content…

Instead, caught between my fingers, was the small, round firmness of the jade peony. In my mind's eye, I saw Grandmama smile and heard, softly the pink center beat like a beautiful cramped heart.” (p.209)
This quote from The Jade Peony relates to the theme of love and death. Sek-Lung is feeling sad about the death of the person whom he felt the closest to. He begins to cry and reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief, but instead he finds Grandmama’s jade peony. He suddenly feels a sense of joy in his heart and remembers that Grandmama still loves him and although she is not there in the physically, she is present. The jade peony symbolizes Grandmama and her beautiful, unique youthfulness. This was the sign that her life had ended

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