Night John Movie Analysis

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Night John is personally one of my favorite movies of all time, its ability to captivate and grasp my attention are just pieces of the puzzle. Although the movie is titled "Night John" it is actually about a girl named Sarny. The movie starts off with a promise made by Dealey, who was a best friend of Sarny 's mother. The expected delivery was supposed to consist of a hard working boy, but to everyone 's surprise Sarny was born. Because the baby was a she and not a he, Waller the plantation owner, threatened to sell the child because there was no need for it, but Dealey let it be known that she made a promise and she wasn 't about to break it. Because of this Waller kept his word, he didn 't sell the child, but he did sell her mother. Because…show more content…
The next day we meet Night John, a slave who was known for being in trouble and trying to defy the odds when it came to slavery and the connotation of how slaves were expected to act and their education level. He’s brought in with no clothes or shoes, his body covered in whips and scars and because of the heat he’s drenched in sweat. Because he was known for being such a mischief troublemaker, he was sold to Waller for only $50 which even for him seemed too much to be paying for a slave whose only positive appearance was his pearly white teeth. Eventually he’s sold without clothes instead he is wearing a diaper to cover his “manhood” while he works. Tired and weary, John is immediately sent to work in the fields to “earn” water and a spot on the floor near the fireplace. Sarny is oddly amazed by night john and I was also, His demeanor even with rags and cloth on his appearance demanded attention. After the long merciful day of working Sarny is wide awake watching night john, catching on he asks if anyone would be so kind to give him some Tabaco and that he’ll trade anything for some. This specific part made me think of my grandfather because when I was younger he would always speak of trading a hug for piggyback rides. And being a little girl’s father figure anytime he would say “trade for a trade” I couldn’t help but be curious about what he would offer. Sarny popped up an asked what could he possibly have to trade, and that is when the movie turned into an incredible, extraordinary story not just about a girl and a man but about two slaves who were defying the odds and proved the point that if you want to go somewhere in life regardless if you’re a slave you have to step out and never be afraid about what comes
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