How Did Frederick Douglass Separate In Their Work Enviroment

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Many colored individuals were forced into slavery and each and everyone of the slaves had a different experience with their master. The slaves were treated as if they were nothing, a piece of property that the white people owned. They were not allowed to learn how to read or write; only needed to know how to do their chores and understand what their master was saying. They were just an extra hand in the house that had no say or existed in the white people world. The slaves’ job was to obey their master or mistress at all times, do their chores and take the beating if given one. In many occasions, the woman house slaves were treated more cruelty than any other slaves the master owned. Reading four different stories from four different people …show more content…

The master had slaves in the field and slaves in the house. Being a house slave was more crucial than being a field slave. Fredrick Douglass got to experience working in both enviroments. Douglass grew up to working as a house slave and as he got older moved to working as a field slave. At a certain time in the morning, a horn would go off in colonel Lloyd’s farm and all the slaves had to be up and ready to work, if not Mr. Severe, the overseer had a stick to whip them.(Douglass, 346-347) Even though being a field slave was hard but it was harder for Fredrick to work outside with no shoes nor pants nor socks, pratically naked. He only had a long shirt that was up to his knees. Also, did not have anywhere else to sleep but a empty bag of corn that he had to crawl inside.(Douglass, 359) It was so bad having to sleep in a bag of corn in the middle of winter where the nights are the coldest. On page 359 Douglass states, “My feet have been so cracked with the frost, that the pen with which I am writing might be laid in the gashes.” With this quote, Douglass describes the many nights he had to deal with and suffer from because of the lack of clothing and shelter he was provided

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