The Plight Of Antwone Fisher (The Movie)

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The Plight of Antwone Fisher (The Movie) Antoine Fisher is a movie based on a true story. It is about a U.S Navy Sailor whose past begins to surface. One day Fisher is involved in a physical altercation, which he states, is provoked by a racial slur. Because of this altercation, he is ordered to complete 3 sessions of therapy with the naval psychiatrist. Though Fisher does not want to speak with a therapist, he realizes that these sessions are mandated and it would be in his best interest to comply and complete them as ordered. Once he starts talking, he begins to have a breakdown, which leads him to talk about physical and emotional abuse from his past. He starts by informing the psychiatrist that his father was murdered two months prior to his birth and his mother gave him up while she was incarcerated , never returning for him upon her release. Fisher lived in a cruel foster home, where his foster mother would beat him, try to break him and, on many occasions, make him feel as though he was nothing. …show more content…

Fisher had anxiety about dating and forming relationships. In the movie, he is teased about how he has never been sexually involved with a woman, which leads to a second altercation. It was after the altercation that he tells his therapist the reason he is still a virgin is because he was sexually abused by his foster mother’s daughter. This prevented Fisher from forming romantic relationships with women in the past. When his therapist informs him that their sessions are over Fisher begins to have another breakdown. He tells the therapist that he is abandoning him just like his mother, his father, and his best friend. At this point, Fisher begins to talk about how his best friend from childhood was killed in front of him while trying to rob a

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