Evolution Of Lipsha Morrissey In Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

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The Evolution of Lipsha Morrissey In the novel, Love Medicine, the reader gets to read about what it’s like to live a life as an Ojibwe Indian. The reader follows a family through the struggles of their everyday lives and witnesses how the individual characters develop through this story. Louise Erdrich created a character that’s development during these 60 years stood out significantly, Lipsha Morrissey. Lipsha’s character develops from a shy, anxious young man he was in the beginning into a more strong and confident man to wards the end. He does so by learning the true meaning of family and by discovering his own self worth in the process. Lipsha Morrissey was taken in by Marie and Nector Kashpaw as a baby. He grew up not knowing his biological …show more content…

However, throughout this chapter the reader gets to see his character start to blossom. Lipsha discovers that he has a gift that not many people possess, the ability to heal with the touch of his hands. Even though he is still struggling to feel as though he belongs, this has given his life a new sense of purpose. With this new direction for his life, Lipsha is the last resort in saving the love between Marie and Nector. Once his method of love medicine takes a turn for the worst it leads him to the biggest discovery of his life. He finally learns the truth of who his real parents are.
Once Lipsha has figured out that June was his biological mother he realizes that he will never have a chance to meet her. This led him to go on a hunt to meet his real father and to learn more about June. He reaches out to his half brother for some answers which gave him a great sense of closure. He leaves feeling closer to his mom being that he now had her car as a memorial of her. He also found a sense of closure with his father, he met him and got the opportunity to get to know him but he soon realized his life was better off without

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