Legend By Marie Lu Essay

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Legend The book Legend by Marie Lu was about a girl and a boy named June and Day. June works for a military and Day lives in a poor sector and is trying to get a cure for a plague that his brother has. In the beginning day tries to raid a local hospital that he thinks has a plague cure. But while trying to raid things get bad and he has to jump out of the window on the second floor. Than while injuring himself Metias, June’s brother almost stops him but day throws a knife at Metias 's shoulder. Then Day gets away by going and walking through the sewers to keep the military from tracking him, the next day June is called in to inspect the case and to learn that her brother is dead and that is what keeps her going for the rest of the book because she …show more content…

The next day the three of them left and started walking farther away from the skiz fighters for their safety. Than that night June foloud Day to his family 's house so he could check on his sick family and June followed him to his house and she than found out this way that Day was Day so June reported back to the military of where they were and that she had found day. The military said that they were going to the house to pick up the sick people to do tests on them and to tell Day in the morning and they would have backups in the area so they can get Day when he goes to try to save his family. In the morning there plan works and they capture Day. Than after getting back to the military base Day got a reward for capturing Day. Then she finds out that they are going to kill him by execution. Than June realizes that she is really in love with Day and she asks the Skiz fighter and their team to help her break Day out of the cell that he is in. Then Day and June and the Skiz fighters try to break out prison and they find Days brother that looks just like him and he runs into the military to make them think it is Day, so Day can get away and it works and day and June get away. Day and June went and hid so they would

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