Never The One Meal Rhetorical Analysis

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Never The Same Sniper Sequel

Cold breezy day in Ireland Collan is on his way home from the war expecting to face wrath from his family for choosing the side of a war they did not believe in. Although they do not know Fergus will not be attending them at this point, while he has passed from a cruel event. Fergus was a gentle young scholar who was a stupendous build and very handsome like his brother Collan. Collan was always a lot taller and stronger then Fergus; therefore, Fergus had the upper hand when it came to school and farming. As Collan lead in the athletics winning sport events for his high school, as Fergus was in the shadows. Mom was always proud of Fergus, and Dad was alway proud of Collan for his athletics. Mom was more worried …show more content…

Next he remembers running down the stairs of the building, suddenly running across the canal while getting shot at to see who he killed. As he flips him over he see’s it is his brother Fergus. As he gets light headed he quickly takes off while getting chased by free staters. He hides in an abandoned building in the middle of war he can hear gunfire all around him. Collan is stuck in a jammed room for 2 days. As he looks to leave he notices that the free staters have secured the bottom floor as a base. He stays there without anyone noticing until he knew he had to go. He tried slowly leaving quietly at night as he passes two guards at the front the trucks pulling in, revells him he takes off getting pierced in the collar bone with a bullet. As he was chased most of the way till they lost him, half way through the town. He makes it back to camp barely able to talk. the next day, all he remembers from they is waking up in a hospital bed with 2 gun …show more content…

He gets up and dines what everyone was asking. First, they start to ask how the war went, he was always quiet until they asked do you know deeper about what happened to Fergus. He said “it was a tragic accident.” As mom and dad ask “what do you mean.” He says “I was stuck in a corner, I got a lucky shot at a great free state sniper who wounded me. As he was stuck he fell off the building to the street. I was so impressed by his skills on my outing of the roof top, I check who it was and as I am troublesome to check I am getting shot at. When I flip him around I almost passed out as I tried to run away. I barely escaped that night I had to hide in a abandoned building for 2 days after that.” ‘Who was it” states Collan’s parents” it was Fergus”, Collan says in a whisper. His parent were in absolute shock they could not believe what they just heard at all. Collan let them have a little time to take it in. Collan feels as he cannot believe he told them, but it was just a pit in his stomach. His relationship with his parent were never in the same manner after this event. Collan’s family despises him now. Facing each other when they only run into each other in the town. It was very hard for Collan to except his parents ignoring him after the death of Fergus. Things will never be the

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