Maniac Magee

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The author Jerry Spinelli. He has written many best seller books. He also wrote Maniac Magee.He dedicated Maniac Magee to Ray and Jerry Lincoln.

2. The title of the book is Maniac Magee. It is important because it explains what the story is about and it tells the reader who the main character is.

3.The main protagonist of the book is Maniac Magee who is introduced in chapter 1. He is a main character.

4.The main antagonist is John McNab who is introduced in chapter 7, and is in a gang that call themselves the cobras. They are waiting for him. He is a
5. The main character, Maniac Magee, is a white kid who is an orphan. He is a scraggly little kid and is homeless. He runs everywhere and he is very cool. He can do many things and …show more content…

The theme of this novel is civil rights. In this story, there is a lot of parts that are about blacks and whites. In two mills, it is divided in two sections. The black and whites. Some examples are when Maniac meets Amanda and she is black but he is white. Also when Maniac goes into the east end.

10. The exposition of the story is when Maniac is introduced and told his backstory. In the rising action he goes to Hollidaysburg and runs away. He finds two mills and lives with the Beales. He becomes popular. In the climax, he goes to Valley forge waiting to die after he lost Grayson.He comes back with russell and piper and is once again greeted and is famous. He is then in a rival with Mars Bar. They are against black and white. In the falling action, Maniac is still living in random places. In the resolution, Maniac is living with the Beales again.

11. One literary device used in this novel is a flashback. A flashback is when you look back at something in the past in your head. Another one is point of view. It is a device that shows who the story was told by. It also supports the setting. It also supports the characters.

12. I think this novel was meant for people who want to learn more about civil rights which I mentioned in the theme of this book. I also think it did a great job of getting the point to the reader because it felt real and it was planned

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