The Giver Chapter 1-5 Summary

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The Giver: Chapters 1-5 A. Questions 1.The arrival of a jet might be a terrifying experience for the entire community because they do not see jets very often only when a cargo plane is dropping off supplies. It also might make it more terrifying for the community because nothing unordinary ever happens so they are taking the jet very seriously and making sure everyone goes indoors. 2. I think that when someone is released from the community they are sent out of the community to live somewhere else. (eg. a place similar place to the community but less organized and filled with bad people and the old people that were sent out.) 3. What I learned about the community during the ritual telling of feelings is that her is more than one …show more content…

Two things that the committee considers when giving children their life assignments is what they enjoy doing and what they are good at doing. For example Jonas’s dad always would be at the nurturing center helping out when his friends were out playing. His dad also was good with the newborns, so the elders picked that his assignment would be norturor. B. Literary Devices 1. The hook in the giver is how there is a lot of mysteries like how you don't know what happens to people when they get released and why the apple was acting weird in Jonas’s hand. There is a lot of things you don't know yet like what jonas’s assignment is, Things like that is what draws people into the novel and makes them want to read more. 2. The cliffhanger In chapter two was that jonas was unsure of what his assignment would be and had a long talk with his parents. This cliffhanger makes you want to read on because you are interested in what jonas’s assignment is. You want to know what it will be. 3. I think that Lois Lowry chose Jonas as the main character's name because in the bible Jonah was commissioned by the lord to proclaim judgment upon a sinful city, and i think that jonas is going to realise that the communities way of life is very unfair and is not okay. I think that Jonas will try to change how the community is. Just like how Jonah proclaimed judgment upon a sinful city in the

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