Literary Analysis: The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Literary Analysis: The Giver

Imagine a world where everything seems perfect but truly it is not as pleasant as it appears. In The Giver by Lois Lowry shows us a community in the future with no feelings at all. Jonas a twelve year old boy knows his life as it is and one evening he learns the truth about the community. Jonas set’s off into a adventure to change it all. Character,conflict,and symbolism makes the reader see thru the eyes of a twelve year old in a place of slavery disguised without anyone knowing it.

In the book,everyone has the same attribute’s but one twelve year old boy named Jonas. Throughout the novel,Jonas has suffer and has been misunderstood. Jonas opened his eyes to the reality of the community. This causes tears,anger,lonely’s,confused,unaware and misunderstanding. “He killed it my father killed it”,Jonas said to himself” (Lowry 188). Jonas felt anger for his father and the pain he feels for the baby twin. On page 168 in the giver,Jonas realized that they been playing a game of war ( Lowry). Jonas feel sad and misunderstood for the boy in war. Jonas sadly understood that no one know what he is feeling. These are like real life because some careless people don 't think about others and think that everything is just a joke. For example aborted a baby and people who play war games and don’t care about real war that is happening on like the Syrian civil war. Besides in the novel Jonas realized that the community is living in a bad way and these

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