Jonas Hardships In The Giver

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Jonas’ Hardships Lois Lowry, the author, wrote a novel titled “The Giver” which took place in a dystopian society with ideas like climate control, sameness, and precision of language. The main character, Jonas, was selected for the assignment “The Receiver of Memory” and this assignment caused him many hardships. Throughout the story, Jonas faces many hardships related to his assignment, his friends, and the community. The theme to the story is overcoming obstacles because Jonas has to conquer many hardships throughout the novel. Jonas thought that after they received their assignments, him and Asher, his best friend, he thought that they would grow apart and no longer be friends. Throughout the beginning of the book, Jonas kept worrying about how they might grow apart from each other. In the book Jonas thought to himself “...but what would become of me and Asher and the assignments we received”. Jonas did not want them to grow apart because they have been best friends since they were little. This was hard for him because he didn't know what would become of them and what would become of them. Asher might have felt the same way Jonas did. During Jonas’ “Receiver of Memory” training, he watched his father release a …show more content…

He realized that the baby that had temporarily been staying at their dwelling named Gabe, would be released in the morning. Jonas had become very attached to Gabe and he could not let him die so he took him on his journey to elsewhere. In their dwelling, Jonas’ father says “ It’s bye bye to you Gabe in the morning.” (165). Jonas and the Giver had discussed their plan and Jonas would have to leave at a certain point at night so he would not be caught. If he was caught, he would be released along with Gabe. Luckily Jonas did escape the community with Gabe and found their destination, elsewhere. This was hard because if he made one mistake, it could mean life or

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