Summary Of The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Jonas, a 12 year old kid, who grew up in a community with no color, uniqueness or feelings discovers these things as he gets memories through the Giver. In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas becomes the new receiver and he gains memories of the past and of things he never knew existed. Jonas eventually decides that he wants to leave the community after he notices everything that 's wrong with his utopia. As Jonas leaves the community, discovering his newly found knowledge, he learns that taking risks help growth and love truly conquers all. Ever since Jonas was a boy, he was taking risks, most small, but as he got older his risks became bigger and more serious. For example, Jonas takes risks when he is leaving with Gabe “robb[ing] the community of food: a very serious crime.” (Lowry 207). Jonas decides to escape from the community, which will give all the memories that he gained, back to the people who don 't know much of anything. For his journey he needs food, so that 's why he robbed the community. He also took a risk by taking Gabe, a baby that was going to be killed the next day. Jonas loved Gabe very much and took risks for him. For example, Jonas takes a risk when Gabe wakes at night, and Jonas “quite deliberately placed his hand firmly on Gabriel’s back, and released the rest of the calming day at the lake.”…show more content…
For example, Jonas knows that the Giver has more knowledge than anyone when he sees books “perhaps thousands” in the Annex (Lowry 94). Jonas only knew three books, a dictionary, a map book of the community, and the book of rules. For Jonas to see all the books in the Annex, it surprised him. Jonas gains a lot of other knowledge throughout the book. For example, Jonas gains knowledge when he finds out what release means “He killed it!” (Lowry 188). Jonas’ community tell the people that release is when you 're released to another community, when in reality its
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