Critical Lens Essay On The Giver

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Just think. Nobody has any knowledge of the past. You do not know what color is, you have no emotion, and everybody is the same. The world that you live in is colorless, emotionless, drab, even lifeless. This is the type of world that Jonas and The Giver live in. However, The Giver has a memory of the past, color, and emotions. The Giver transmits these memories to Jonas, and the two of them are the only people in their community with this knowledge. In the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, the author proves that knowledge has the power to change a person's opinions, likes, and dislikes through the memories that The Giver bestowes upon Jonas. Once The Giver had given Jonas memories of the community's past, Jonas's opinions of how everyday life in the community should be changed. After The Giver had transmitted the memory of hills, sleds, and snow, Jonas immediately wanted to be able to get rid of Sameness. Jonas frowned, "I wish we …show more content…

For instance, after Jonas gained knowledge of a sunburn, he said, "It hurt a lot, but I'm glad you gave it to me. It was interesting. And now I understand better, what it meant, that there would be pain." (109). Jonas likes the memories that The Giver gives to him. This knowledge of pain changed Jonas's likes because when he was told that his training would include pain, he was not so sure that he wanted to receive memories. Now that he knows what pain is, he still wants to receive the memories that The Giver has to offer. Right after Jonas was given a memory of love, he said, "I liked the feeling of love. I wish we still had that."(158). Ths memory in particular is one that Jonas cherishes. In addition, Jonas's like of The Giver, his family, friends, and Gabriel completely changed to Jonas feeling love for them. This knowledge that was transmitted to Jonas changed the way that he felt towards certain people in his

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