Dialectical Journal For The Giver

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Lea Vilna-Santos Mrs. English, 7th September 1st, 2015 The Giver, by: Lois Lowry Log Entry 5: Chapters 9-10: Question 7: In chapters 9-10, Jonas realizes from reading the last rule in his list that allows him to lie, that what if what people say isn’t the truth, despite what everyone in his community learns about the importance of telling the truth. He was even chastised when he exaggerated as a Four. He said that he was starving, but he was only hungry. His teachers made sure he understood that even though it was an unintentional lie, it was still a lie because as long as he lives in their community he will never be starving so they didn’t want him to ever say anything like that again. But the rule only gives him the choice to lie so he doesn’t have to. But technically, not telling his dreams or answering any questions about his Assignment would be lying. I’ve …show more content…

No one in their community ever lies. But then Jonas realizes that he would never know if they did. He could, since his rules allow him to, ask someone if they lie. But if they are also allowed to lie then they could say whatever they want and he will not know if it’s true or not. Then Jonas starts wondering if what adults say is true or if they lie all the time too. I can see that Jonas has been asking more and more questions. I’m sure sooner or later he will answer them one way or another. This leads me to believe that the Elders have been more untruthful than truthful. After Jonas has been learning his whole life that lying is bad then being told he can lie all he wants is a big change for him. Maybe everything he knows is a lie. So, in all the moment where reads his last rule that lets him lie makes him wonder if all the adults have lied to him his entire life even though he’s been taught all these years to do the opposite because it was such an integral part of precise speech. I

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