The Giver Rhetorical Analysis

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Feelings and Emotion Different feelings and emotion are not known in the community within the people.The Giver and Jonas are the only true people that know how to feel the different emotions. Every night at the conclusion of their evening meal one of the rituals is the evening telling of feelings. In the very first Chapter Jonas talks about how it was almost December and Jonas was beginning to be frightened. But then thought that was the wrong word to use. Frightened ment that deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen. Now that it was almost upon Jonas he wasn't frightened but he was eager he decided. He was eager and excited. But then their was a little shudder of nervousness when he thought about what might happen at the ceremony of twelve. Apprehensive, Jonas decided. That's what I feel like. (chapter 1) In Chapter 18 The Giver talks about the past receiver that failed ten years ago, RoseMary. The Giver explains his feelings of love for RoseMary. This emotion made the Giver's job very difficult to cause her any sort of pain. For 5 weeks he only gave her happy memories. But the time came …show more content…

The Giver then told Jonas he would be glad to share that memory with him. He transmits the memory of a christmas morning, grandparents and love. Jonas liked the memory and wanted to be able to feel it all the time. When Jonas got home he asked his parents if they loved him, They were a little fluster about the word love and told him to pay attention to his precision of language. His father told Jonas that the word love is absolutely meaningless. They asked Jonas if he understands, Jonas say yes but does mean it. He didn't understand why that didn't feel that way toward him, the way he did for them. The Giver explains that the people of the community don’t feel emotion and feelings the way the two of them did because of sameness. (chapter

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