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Science Fiction Essay Submission Document
Novel:The Giver
Group: M-Block
Essay Topic: What can cause someone to reject their society.

Your goal (the goal should be based on your paragraph assessment and the feedback you received on your last major essay):
My goal is to correctly use the Mip, sip, stewe format and to have a well structured essay with good evidence.


(TS): Throughout the entire book the one thing that Jonas wants is relationships, he goes through many different ones in the book, but in the end the reason for everything is based around Jonas 's desire to have somebody to be with.

(MIP-1) Jonas is happy with his world because he believes that he has the relationships that he wants, so he listens to the government so he can keep these relationships.

(MIP-2) Jonas begins to question the government and moves on to questioning his relationships.

(MIP-3) Jonas is rejecting his world and abandoning his meaningless relationships in order to get …show more content…

(STEWE-1) Jonas now knowing the truth has broken him into a thousand pieces. This is a big moment because this is when the giver and Jonas begin to plan his escape. Jonas is desperate to be with the giver because it is his only real relationship “I 'll do it. I think I can do it. I 'll try, anyway. But I want you to come with me.”(Lowry 155). The giver says that he must stay which is a weight on Jonas, but it does not change his mind.
(STEWE-2) - When eating dinner Jonas discovers that his father is going to release Gabriel in the morning “its bye-bye to you gabe in the morning”(Lowry 165). In a last attempt to get that real relationship that Jonas has always desired, Jonas leaves in the middle of the night so he could save gabe and himself from being alone. (CS)Jonas finds truths that cause him to break his relationships and keep one of the only true one he ever

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