Anthem By Ayn Rand: Movie Analysis

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Teens Mixed With Dystopian Feelings
Imagine having to live the same way as everyone else and having hardly any freedom to do anything you wanted to do. Everyday of your life you have to follow so many ridiculous rules that you never get to explore what the world has to see and do. Would you be okay with hardly living a life, it just feels like your there and instead of having what you already have? The novel Anthem was written by Ayn Rand in 1937, but as the years went by it has been edited a couple times. The last edit made in the novel was in 1961. This novel is based in the future but read as it's in the past. The reason it’s seen as in the past is because the council hides the history from the unmentionable times from the society. The Giver …show more content…

The main character in The Giver is Jonas. Jonas gets the job as a receiver and so every day he gets a glimpse of something new. Everytime he gets a new memory he tries to show and tell his friends about what he's seeing. He soon figures out there is a border that if he crosses it the border will shut down and the memories will be let into all the citizens. In this movie it shows how the people of the city have no right to choose how they live life they have to follow the rules made to keep them “safe.” “When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.” The quote states that if people get to choose they don't choose the right things. Jonas doesn't follow the rules the city has because he's finding out new things that the world has to offer the citizens. He believes the others should know of the new knowledge he receives from the giver. Jonas brakes many rules just to cross the border to release everything hidden from the citizens. Teens connect with how they feel they don't get to learn more then they want and experience new things that would allow them to have more knowledge of what's in the world and The Giver is a perfect movie to show not being able to know …show more content…

The novel Anthem and the movie The Giver are alike in many ways. Not only are they both a dystopian community they have many rules that are similar. Some of those rules are no PDA or interactions between boys and girls, they don't get to choose their own jobs, and most knowledge is kept a secret from most people. Those are the main rules that stand out the most because teens these days feel as if they cant choose what they want to do and sometimes they only get to learn what others are learning so the teens are learning to the potentia they want. Teens also aren't able to be with who they want either because their parents don't want them to, age, and sometimes their parents pick who they have to be with. Both Anthem and The Giver tell people how to live their life which makes them both a dystopian society. Both of the societies are expected to be happy and live a wonderful perfect life even though there are many rules that they have to follow. Teens relate to this because they feel like their life is being controlled and have little to no freedom on what they can do and say. It is forbidden, not to be happy. For, as it has been explained to us, men are free and

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