What Are The Similarities Between 1984 And Anthem

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Both 1984 and Anthem have very oppressive governments, but their laws are completely different from one another. In 1984, the government is strange when it comes to rules, there is nothing that is illegal, the people are allowed to do whatever they want, but if they do anything or even look slightly suspicious, the “Thought Police” will kidnap, torture, and kill anybody who has gone against the government. The government believes that if people are allowed to have emotions, they will become angry at the government, and revolt, and that’s why emotions are illegal (I will call it illegal because even though there are no laws, doing certain things will get you in trouble, so to avoid confusion, I’m going to continue saying it’s “illegal”), including emotional attachments to other people. People having sex for the purposes of procreation is perfectly legal, but having sex because you love the …show more content…

Also, sex is something that just doesn’t happen in the world of Anthem, sex isn’t really a taboo, it just doesn’t happen except for an event that happens once a year in a big room. Unlike 1984, where sex was allowed as long as it wasn’t emotional, sex only happens on a holiday set aside for it in Anthem. Orwell thought that if communism were to come to fruition, there would be a constant watch over people to make sure that nobody steps out of line, and the people wouldn’t want to deal with the insanity of the laws the government sets up. Ayn Rand thought that if communism was successful, there would be little to no need for a police force because the people would be so conditioned to think a certain way, that they would oppress the people who don’t think that way all on their own, without the need for a police

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