1984 And 1984 Comparison Essay

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It’s crazy how many books and story lines can be so similar yet be written by different people and in different time periods. Brave New World was written in 1932 and in 1949 George Orwell published 1984, but both share some of the same elements. The movie The Hunger Games came out more recently, in 2012, and it is also somewhat similar to these novels. They all share the same dystopian elements, which include, futuristic, illusion of a perfect society, protagonist who rebels, and a totalitarian control. In Brave New World everyone must live according to the values of The World State, they are controlled through pleasure. In 1984 everyone lives under the control of Big Brother and The Party, they are monitored at all times and controlled through …show more content…

Standing out and individuality is frowned upon in both novels, which is one of the many elements that take place in dystopian literature. In 1984, people are watched and hunt down by the thought police. People in the society are not allowed to think their own thoughts, and they must not go against the Party and Big Brother. Winston, however, rebels against Big Brother and the Party and he wants to go “down with Big Brother!” The Party and Big Brother also frowns upon sexual relationships and love. Only thing the society should really love is Bigh Brother, but Winston rebels against that as well. He and Julia have a sexual relationship that turns into love, which are two rules that they both break in the novel. In Brave New World, John the Savage has self-discipline and control, unlike the people in the society around him. John was brought up in the Savage Reservation so he stands out and is an outsider.The World State, like the Party or Big Brother, promotes happiness, uniformity, and stability. John the Savage goes against them and believes in abstinence, family, and free will. Most dystopian novels vilify individuality and have a protagonist who rebels against the government, both 1984 and Brave New World have both of those

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