1984: Totalitarian Government

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Marcelo Navarro
Mr. duryea
English 12
March 15, 2018 Inhumane
The Book 1984 is a book based on a totalitarian government where the government has complete and total control over every aspect of someone's life. In 1984 you couldn't even have privacy in your own home, you would be under constant supervision and if you were caught doing something illegal the thought police would come and arrest you. In 1984 the government controlled its people through fear, the people of 1984 where always scared of being caught doing anything illegal and where also scared because the government would bomb itself saying that they were in a war. This book shows what could happen if people would let
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In the film there are 12 districts that are controlled by the solely by the capital. These twelve districts are little territories, there is a fence surrounding it which the people of the district can not cross. By keeping there people enclosed, the capital controls what comes in and out of the district which keeps the capitol in complete control of everything. The type of life these people live is not humane because it's like being locked up in jail for the most part. There is limited jobs and only one school and the Peacekeepers (cops) regulate everything and punish people for illegal…show more content…
Both governments took all the basics rights that make us human. The book 1984 took away all basics rights like right to love, privacy and freedom of speech. The government would bomb its own people to keep them scared so they wouldn't revolt. The film the Hunger Games hosted the Hunger Games every year to remind people that the capital controls everything and they couldn't do anything. The people of the film where trapped in their district and could never leave and all basic essential were regulated. With all these rights taken away I would say these totalitarian government have taken most of their peoples humanity away from
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