Government Manipulation In George Orwell's 1984

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Government Manipulation in 1984 People generally rely on the government as a source of protection and stability. However, the government does not always have the citizens’ best interests in mind, as shown in 1984. The government has the power to distort realities and the ability to detect the truth. They can manipulate, or influence people’s minds without them even knowing. George Orwell’s 1984 uses a futuristic dystopia to show how the government is able to manipulate human values through the use of fear. In the 1984 society , people are purposely left to feel alone to make them fear getting caught by the Party. Although many people commit thoughtcrime, they will remain silent because they know the consequences of engaging in rebellion. This constant source of fear holds the community together and manipulates people’s thought processes. The government often leaves the people …show more content…

The Party has begun to influence people's thoughts on a deeper level and even tap into things that should be a natural impulse. The community is set up in a way that even human instincts are forbidden and destroyed. The majority of women in 1984 have begun to lose their sexual instinct and soley view reproducing as their duty to the Party (Parascandola). Prime examples of this are Katharine, Winston’s wife whom he has separated from, and the Anti-Sex League which instills this concept from a young age. Winston’s marriage with Katharine in itself was the doing of the Party. Their relationship was not built on love or trust, but rather what is being instilled in them by the government (Dwan). Even having any sense of desire is considered to be thoughtcrime. Winston believed human passion was the one thing the party could not take away from him, however, he is later proved wrong after his torture sessions when the only thing he is capable of loving is Big

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