Means Of Control In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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In the book 1984 by George Orwell (1949) , the government uses physical and mental methods to control the citizens of Oceania. Orwell portrays an undemocratic government, INGSOC (English Socialism), ruled by a dictator they call big brother. Who seems to have the power to control and the right to anything possible. All the people in Oceania have no freedom at all. The government have physical and mental methods of controlling the population. The following shall be discussed further; the physical (external) and mental (internal) means of control inflicted on the people of Oceania, followed by the interrelationship between both mechanisms of control and if there is a chance for liberation/rebellion. The government uses many methods to control the people of Oceania. The people have no sense of privacy, freedom or independence. They have little say in their personal future. There are numerous physical methods of control they employ. Everyone is under complete surveillance as their every move is watched. The thought police also known as the secret police of Oceania, keep surveillance on the inhabitants of Oceania and physiologically manipulate them by placing telescreens in their homes, devices similar to …show more content…

The two control methods are related as they contribute to one purpose the totalitarian control over the people of Oceania. The people are physiologically manipulated as discussed by the mental control measures, and physically forced into loving Big Brother. This is one of the methods the government uses to control people’s minds, by placing fear into them. The fear in 1984 limits the people into even thinking of challenging the government. The emotional trauma the people suffer is the fear they have when the government catches them not abiding to the laws. The two methods are related as they cause fear in the minds of the people. Without fear the party would

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