President Roosevelt's Speech: What Makes An Effective Leader?

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What Makes an Effective Leader? There are leaders all around you and you probably did not even know it. A leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. This could be parents, teachers, or the president of a country. Leaders can be good or bad, but do people have to be either a good or bad leader to be effective? This leads to an important question--what makes an effective leader? An effective leader has to have firm control over who they are leading, sometimes through the use of fear or confusing language, or even through repetition of specific words and empathy, as seen in the novel 1984 and the speech “Four Freedoms”. In the text 1984, the government who is the leader is effective by using the method of fear. …show more content…

President Roosevelt uses repetition in his word choice to capture his audience. Some of the words that he had used were " freedom"(15), “we”(10), and "world "(15). He repeats these words several times to make the reader feel part of the bigger group. Freedom is commonly used because the goal of his speech was to persuade the country to go to war. By repeating these words, he is saying that America is a free country, and now it should become a free world. Although president Roosevelt used repetition in his words to capture his audience, he also used empathy for his people. He had the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. For example, Roosevelt said, "No person should try, or be allowed, to get rich out of this program"(13). This resonated with many people. He knew that the richer were getting richer and the poor were getting poor. His country did not appreciate that, and the problem was war and taxes. The result was he was effective at using both repetitions in words and empathy because he ended up convincing his people to go to war right after just coming out of the great depression through his speech. It is obvious that an effective leader uses fear, confusing language, repetition of words and empathy, as seen in the text 1984 and the speech “Four Freedoms”. By employing these four methods leaders gain the trust and respect of the people they are leading. Being a

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